8 July 2010

Hola, Rio!

Spotted, Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz at the Brazilian premiere of their new flick, Knight & Day. The film has thus far performed quite poorly at the box-office, and critics say it's a blow for Mr. Cruise, considering this was sort of his 'comeback'. I haven't seen it but not being a fan of either Cruise or Diaz, it's not likely I'll be seeing it any time soon. Diaz was dressed in a dark green silk-wrap dress, designed to showcase her best asset, her legs! The overall look was nice, quite similar to what she wore at the movie's Spanish premiere. I'm guessing she's in Lanvin but will have to check on that. Tom Cruise was decked in dark clothes, coordinating with his co-star.

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  1. Not a giant fan of that dress. I think it's the slit that does it, it seems like a weird place. Good job she has amazing legs.


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