7 July 2010

VDiaries Cast in Australia

Oh, and Ian's there ;) Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley were in Melbourne, Australia, promoting their hit show Vampire Diaires. More than anything, it's great to just see their faces as since Season 1 finished, there have been almost no regular sightings of them, and Ian, mainly. So here he is, wearing his usual getup of the leather jacket, fedora and stubble. Paul chose to keep it simple in a black leather jacket over a blue tee, reminiscent of his character, Stefan in the show. Nina looked pretty, in a bright ruffled frock, black tights and some fierce footwear, topped with a pale jacket. Will you just take a moment to look at Ian's eyes? Phwoar.



  1. Are they in melbourne,I dint notice..Lolzz ;)
    nice blog..looks like a paparazzi blog..:-)

  2. Oh look at his eyessssss. *melts*
    It's agreed, I need Nina's shoes. End of.

  3. ian <3

    i LOVE Nina's outfit, very modern chic ^__^

    congrats on the awesome blog kaz! x


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