12 October 2010

Casual done right... and not so right

Various sightings of celebs doing casual. Let's begin with the not so right - Miley Cyrus. And I'm not criticising her appearance because of my general dislike for her. But the look can only be described as messy. The accessories aren't too bad, neither is the bag but the cowboy boots, short shorts and the unsightly hair are contributing towards the messiness. Soz, Miley. Moving on, now the good news! Emmy Rossum wore her casual winter getup at a semi-formal event, which isn't so appropriate but loving the look otherwise, cool and simple. Nicky Hilton, and actress Isabel Lucas looked lovely in their flowy summer dresses (weather envy). Nicky's boho look was top notch while I like the easy-breeziness of Isabel's white dress, the billowy sleeves are very cute.


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