9 November 2010

Autumn Wear!

The weather's getting chilly and it gets dark quickly, winter's finally arrived. Here's Olivia Palermo and her gorgeous boyfriend, Johannes Huebl (go ahead and take a moment to gaze into his eyes) working chic autumn wear like they only know how - on someone else, the fur-trimmed coat would have looked not so chic (hint, Kim Kardashian, or any Kardashians for the matter), but Palermo takes the simple design to new style heights. And paired with the sleek hair, make-up and that delicious crocodile print clutch (not to mention, the arm candy), Palermo's ensemble is an outright winner, not that she ever gets it wrong! Then there's the pretty Rachel McAdams, wearing sensible semi-formal autumn wear, but adding a quirk to the look with the bright red pumps - love it!


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