23 December 2010

2. Jessica Alba

If you've been a regular on my blog, you would have noticed that Jessica Alba makes a lot appearances! And rightly so. Jessica's come a long way since only being recognised as "that hottie from Fantastic Four", so to speak. After becoming mum to her daughter Honor Marie, Jess has really grown confident and isn't afraid to take fashion risks. Now, I have to admit, they don't
always pay off (see this) but most of the times, they do. I particularly like how she can mold herself into different styles, from edgy to sweet, she doesn't stick to one formula and that really works for her! I mean look at her choices - from unconventional Proenza Schouler to Dior, she's always changing it up!

1 comment:

  1. Jessica Alba is so gorgeous. She manages to look nice even when her outfit is a bit of a miss.


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