24 December 2010

5. Carey Mulligan

British starlet Carey Mulligan shot to fame as Jenny Mallor in the 2009 coming-of-age drama
An Education, she got nominated in the Best Actress category at several award functions and the rest is history. She got her hair chopped off and has been sporting a cute pixie do ever since. Carey's on my list because of her bold and very different sense of style; you'd never find her wearing skin tight couture or showing off unecessary flesh - her clothes are always very classically designed and she comes off looking very elegant. From Prada to Lanvin, every designer house has longed to dress her up and not without reason! Favouring printed skirts and classic silhouettes, this style star is one to watch in 2011. My personal favourite is the Prada creation she wore to the Oscars in 2010, it's adorned with tiny forks & knives and looks fun and kooky!

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