23 February 2011

Getting Tired of Going With It?

Aren't these people getting tired of premiering? Apparently not. So here are Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker in Spain, first at a photocall and later at the official premiere.

Jennifer wore high waisted trousers with a black vest and gold accessories, but the biggest news - the hair! It's shorter! And looks gooooood.

Brooklyn wore a gorgeous knit-type dress in one of my favourite 'cosy' colours: tan. The bright blue Louboutins are a little jarring but at least she's playing with colour!

At the premiere, Jen wore a short dress with full sleeves and a v-neck. She once again wore gold accessories and added nude sandals to the look - meh.

Brooklyn wore a wonderful, strapless printed Dolce & Gabbana number with red heels and red lips! Love her side-braid too.

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  1. Love the heels that Brooklyn is wearing. Gorgeous.

  2. What's with Jen's pose in the second image?? I would like what she's wearing if only SHE wasn't wearing it! Nice post though!


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