13 March 2011

In House of Masaba

At Lakme Fashion Week (Mumbai), a host of celebrities came out in support of upcoming designer, Masaba Gupta.

This is Masaba's second year at fashion week and her collections always feature lots of bright colours, rich fabrics, and wearable silhouettes. She has managed to garner quite a following in Bollywood since her label, House of Masaba was launched an
d not without reason.

Young and aspiring actress, Soniya Mehra wore a hand-print black and white dress from Masaba's previous collection. She looked cute in it but she should've picked one bold accessory - the headband or the long black necklace. Together, it's a bit of an overload.

Mugdha Godse wore a neon pink, tulip shaped dress by the designer and added silver accessories to the ensemble, it's fine except those shoes aren't the prettiest and look a little too matchy-matchy.

Actress Monica Dogra went for a boho-esque look in a black cami, worn with a patterned long green skirt. It's a nice, laid back look but maybe she could've done something with her hair as it looks a little bedraggled.

Mandira Bedi wore a saree from the label, it's a good look but that giant black handbag's so unecessary! A simple black clutch would have looked better.

Sri Lankan actress Jacqueline Fernandez wore a salwar kameez with bright sunny colours - it's a lovely look as the white balances the brightness of those colour blocks perfectly.

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