16 April 2011

All-in-Ones Galore

So, long all-in-ones seem to be trying to make a comeback of sorts, if this week's sightings are anything to go by.

Heidi Klum wore a brown piece with a high neck and a cutout. It's not a very flattering silhoutte, making her hips look wider than they are. Also not loving the hair, a softer touch with it could have salvaged this look. Kind of.

Hilary Duff wore an all black number from Alice + Olivia, adding gold accessories to the look and finishing off with a cute oversized clutch. I don't hate it!

Kourtney Kardashian was spotted at an event wearing a bright cherry red satiny all-in-one. The colour looks great against her skintone and the shape lengthens her petite figure.

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