12 January 2012

Emma Stone In Gucci - 2012 People's Choice Awards

Emma Stone skipped the dress routine for the PCAs.

She wore a Gucci Spring 2012 ensemble of a white shirt, an emerald green blazer with black lapels, black pants and heels by Gucci.

For the first time...ever, I think, I'm not loving something on Emma.  The look is really sharp and snazzy on the runway but that isn't translating across the red carpet.

Her hair could also use some brushing and a cool updo would have uplifted the look.

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  1. OMG I died when I saw this! Absolute perfection! I adore her!

  2. Wait, I don't like the shoes though. I think she should've just worn a round or almond toe black patent pump, no? Or a strappy sandal. IMO.

  3. Love the outfit itself, but it just seems a little sloppy on Emma for some reason. Maybe it's the hair, the fact that she's left a few buttons open on her shirt, or the shoes... but something's off for sure! xo


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