8 September 2010

Fashion's Night Out

Sooo, I'm back after a long time. Frankly, it's been great to lay off the internet for a couple of days! Anyway, back to the post. Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ashley Tisdale and model Bar Rafaeli attended the 'Fashion's Night Out' event in NYC wearing top togs. Blake came out the clear winner, her canary yellow and navy tribal dress looks smashing. She smartly layed off the unecessary accessories and finished the look off with a chunky bracelet and plain black Louboutins. Leighton stuck to her daredevil style by wearing an electric blue dress with strategic cutouts, not a big fan of this look but her hair looks lovely! Ashley Tisdale's outfit was a boring affair to say the least. The grey shift dress paired with black booties came out looking too heavy, it's still summer, kind of! I wish she had played around with her look a little. Bar Rafaeli looked gooood, albeit boring too; although, I still prefer her LBD over Ashley's look. The cut was cute and the colour set off her tan very well.

Source: justjare


  1. I just love the dress that Blake Lively is wearing! It looks amazing on her, and she can really carry it off.

  2. nice post.Blake Lively has got it.too good


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