14 February 2011

The Grammys - The Dark Trend

Dark colours were also very popular.

Jenna Ushkowitz' dress with gauzy straps stood out and I did like it - it's by Pamela Dennis.

Amber Riley's whole look was a disaster... the Ema Savahl dress had too much going on and the hair was not good.

Lea Michele wore a low cut dress by Pucci with a slit, it sure is a bold look but she looks like she's having fun and makes it work. I love the colourful bracelet she's wearing too.

Dianna Agron wore a bustier top and skirt (yeah... they're separates!) by Vivienne Westwood, she wore dramatic eye make up but it's okay because it's the Grammys. I do prefer her in light shades but obviously she can't always wear clothes in those colours because then I'll end up criticising her!

Eva Longoria & Bar Rafaeli wore monochrome outfits, Eva in an Ashi creation in her favourite silhoutte, the puffy skirt!

Bar wore a white blazer by Emporio Armani with black pants and matching heels, which I'm pretty sure anyone else woul
d have looked like an idiot in but Bar's supermodel-ness (yep, just made that word up) makes it work.

A pregnant Selma Blair wore a two-tone Lanvin gown with a wide skirt, and looked good in it, she accessorised with silver bangles.

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