17 May 2011

Cannes Day 6

Brangelina (I hate that moniker but I'm still using it) landed on the red carpet, for Brad's movie "The Tree of Life". Angelina wore a chocolate brown gown by Atelier Versace (who else?); the colour isn't too attractive and honestly, neither is the design. This could be just another cheesy prom gown no? Also, the plain hair isn't working and needs a good brushing and some shine!

d's facial hair, I don't like.

Gwen Stefani posed confidently in a currently on trend sparkly jumpsuit by Stella McCartney. The teased hair and smokey make up work well!

Zoe Saldana looked lovely in an Armani Privé dress, doesn't it remind you of peppermint candy?

Clemence Poesy played with colours in her lavender Yves Saint Laurent dress worn with electric blue peeptoes but the messy hair let the look down.

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